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FinTech thinkmoney Grows Customer Conversions 30 Percent

Learn how UK banking provider thinkmoney delivered a seamless digital onboarding experience in seven weeks and grew customer conversions by 30 percent.

VÍS Launches Innovative Telematic Car Insurance Policy

VÍS—Iceland’s leading insurer—stays ahead of the competition with rapid digital innovation, including a telemetic car insurance policy built on OutSystems.

Galp Delivers Frictionless Omnichannel Customer Onboarding

Galp’s “3-Minutes” app works on kiosks, mobile devices, and partner websites to provide a frictionless omnichannel, AI-powered customer onboarding experience.

Monawork, a Workforce Management Mobile App on OutSystems

Australian engineering giant, Monadelphous, developed "MonaWork", a mobile app that improves employee engagement and communication for engineering staff.

ARUP Develops COVID Testing Digital Service in Four Weeks

Learn why ARUP chose OutSystems to Develop its new COVID testing portal to serve corporates, sports teams, and schools across the US.

Green Cargo Drives Incremental Cloud Migration on OutSystems

Learn how eco-friendly rail logistics company Green Cargo has rediscovered its innovation mojo, delivering digital innovation up to 10x faster with OutSystems.

CM Health Insurance Fund Goes Omnichannel with OutSystems

Learn how CM—Belgium's largest health insurance fund—delivered its “My CM” mobile app and web portal for 4.5M customers in nine months with OutSystems.

Morgan Lewis Launches Investment Fund Reporting Portal

Learn how innovative law firm Morgan Lewis uses OutSystems to accelerate the delivery of customer-facing digital services such as its "AdviserDash" portal.

Einblicke in das OutSystems Center of Excellence von Autoliv

Autoliv beschleunigt die Applikatiosentwicklung mit OutSystems durch die Wiederverwendung von Vorlagen und Komponenten, die das Center of Excellence des Unternehmens bereitstellt.

BT Keeps Engineers Safe with a Mobile App Built on OutSystems

See how BT keeps its engineers safe through COVID-19, with a booking app built on OutSystems—in just two months.

Mazda unterstützt Legacy-Migration mit OutSystems, um Kosten in Millionenhöhe zu sparen

Mazda hatte 500 Legacy-Systeme zu migrieren und rechnete mit immensen Entwicklungskosten. Jetzt arbeitet Mazda mit OutSystems 4x schneller und erwartet Einsparungen in Millionenhöhe.

Why Does the Union Bank of the Philippines use OutSystems?

Ron Puno, Business Process Automation Head at Union Bank of the Philippines, explains why the bank uses OutSystems to deliver all customer-facing digital experiences.

Monadelphous Discusses its Workforce Management Application “Monawork”

Hear why engineering group Monadelphous is using OutSystems to deliver a workforce engagement app that streamlines communication with widely distributed engineers.

Allegro Delivers Employee Safety App in 2 Weeks

To keep factory workers safe during the pandemic, Allegro built apps that limit access to high traffic areas and allow 2,500 employees to record their symptoms.

Sakata Seed Corporation Weeds-Out Shadow IT with OutSystems

Learn how two developers at Sakata Seed Japan have delivered 50+ apps in three years to eliminate shadow IT and gain a can-do reputation for its IS department.

Driving Innovation Forward at Vinturas with Blockchain Technology

Vinturas is using blockchain technology and OutSystems to provide transparency and real-time data across the supply chain of finished vehicles.

Humana Builds Their Covid-19 Test Locator in One Month with OutSystems

When the pandemic hit, Humana's call center was overwhelmed by tasks, using just a spreadsheet to track information. With OutSystems, they built a full suite of office solutions to help both customers and reps locate testing sites and information.

Fundação José Neves To Build a Knowledge Nation

Learn how FJN uses the OutSystems platform to provide universal access to future-oriented education and boost Portugal’s knowledge economy.

CoorpID KYC Product Gets to Market Three Times Faster with OutSystems

Innovative KYC product "CoorpID" was born in ING's innovation lab. Learn how their OutSystems MVP, built in just ten days, secured development funding from ING.

Law Firm Shepherd and Wedderburn Innovates With OutSystems

Shepherd and Wedderburn—a leading Scottish-headquartered UK Law Firm—uses OutSystems to build innovative systems that serve clients with award-winning results.