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Virtual Chat with Lori Greiner from Shark Tank

Join us for this exclusive and interactive event with one of America’s favorite Sharks, Lori Greiner!

Building a Mobile App With OutSystems

Are you ready to say goodbye to your application backlog, and hello to developing apps at lightning speed? Watch as Rui Barbosa, developer advocate at OutSystems,shows how you can quickly build a mobile application from scratch using visual tools and AI. You’ll see firsthand how you can build the powerful applications you want without being limited by technology or losing control of your code.

Chatbots & Progressive Web Apps = A Winning Combination

Wondering what all the hype is about with chatbots? Chatbots provide a different way of interacting with your app and another way to engage your customers. Watch how Riva Uy, Manager, Solution Architecture, show how you can build a customer service chatbot integrated into a progressive web app leveraging Amazon Lex.

How Lendr Overcame Development Bottlenecks with OutSystems

What can you create with the OutSystems platform? Listen in as Sydney Lai, developer advocate at OutSystems, chats with Nick Mates from Lendr to learn about how OutSystems has enabled him and his team to modernize financial solutions for small businesses.

Succeeding at Digital Transformation: A Platform Approach to Overcome the Trap of Siloed Business and IT Initiatives

Digital transformation has never been so important, but expected results often fail to materialize. The interdependencies between different initiatives are a common reason for failure. Watch to learn how a platform approach can eliminate silos and accelerate transformation.

Omnichannel Customer Journeys: The Speed of Flexibility of a Cloud-Based Application Platform

In 2020, digital became the default channel for many customers. The need for frictionless customer onboarding and seamless omnichannel journeys is higher than ever. Watch to learn how a modern application platform can help you move past slow development processes and siloed systems to deliver effortless omnichannel onboarding experiences that attract and convert customers.

Enable Strategic Innovation: How to Unlock the Power of your Existing IT Systems

Monolithic systems burdened with technical debt are the biggest barrier to agility and digital innovation. For some businesses, such inertia represents an existential threat. Watch now to see how a modern application platform can help you extend and unlock the potential of your existing systems to deliver innovation faster than you ever thought possible, all on the cloud.

Cloud Innovation at the Speed of Change: Facing Technical Debt Head On

In this dynamic keynote, our CEO, Paulo Rosado explains how OutSystems gives every company the power to innovate through software. OutSystems CTO, Patrick Jean, joined by Miguel Alava, Managing Director at AWS, discuss the business need for building apps in the cloud and how the OutSystems partnership with AWS helps our customers achieve that. And finally, hear OutSystems customer, STEMCELL, talk about the importance of a strong relationship between IT Leadership and developers for a session called “Ask Your Developer.”

The development revolution in enterprise applications by OutSystems and KPMG

Join OutSystems and KPMG for an inspiring session about how to revolutionize your enterprise applications. In this session, you will learn about Santander and how they’re using the OutSystems modern application development platform to transform their business with applications that make a difference.

OutSystems Overview: The Speed & Power of Modern App Development

Join Hugo Soares and Majd Hadi on March 10, 2021 to learn about our modern application development platform and how you can build applications fast, right and for the future.