Does the OutSystems platform use AI and machine learning?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are infused throughout the OutSystems platform to enable development pros to be more productive and guide beginners as they learn, all while ensuring that high-quality applications are delivered fast and with confidence. 

Examples are the AI-assisted development capability for logic flows in Service Studio, our development environment, and the code understanding engine (CodeDNA) that enables guided refactoring and automates architecture discovery in the OutSystems Architecture Dashboard. By embedding the expertise and ML gleaned from analyzing millions of patterns into the platform, OutSystems has opened up the field of application development to more people.

AIFusion ensures that the OutSystems platform uses AI to improve each step of application development experience, taking the guesswork and repetitive actions out of the equation. It automates processes such as filling in fields and suggesting business logic, guides them when they get stuck, and validates their work. Along with CodeDNA, AIFusion fuels the OutSystems Architecture Dashboard so that it automatically suggests improvements to application portfolios.